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  • COD Warzone Hacks on Project Kratos will enhance your game experience to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

    Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale style games in recent history. With an impressive 70 million players worldwide as of October 2019, the free-to-play game has achieved an incredible milestone for Respawn Entertainment and is only getting bigger!

    Project Kratos sell different grades of Cod Of Duty Warzone Hack for different needs of users. We differentiate our Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats by stability and suitable play style. Our Cod Of Duty Hacks are differentiated into RAGE, LEGIT, LEGIT(LONGER TIME). You can choose the Cod Of Duty Cheats you want according to your needs.
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    List of Cod Of Duty Cheats:

  • RAGE = These product include a lot of High Risk Features 
    Example of High Risk Features:
    - Silent Aim
    - All Unlocker
    - SpeedHack

    These type products are only suitable for fun on alternative account, Please never use it on your main account !!!
    What is RAGE type Call Of Duty Warzone Hacks?
    LEGIT = These product only include safe features and undetected for longer period. 
    Example Features:
    - Aimbot (Good Prediction)
    - WallHack
    - ESP

    These type products are suitable main account ranking, You still will get manual ban if get video record, so please act to prevent get video record.
    What is LEGIT type Cod Of Duty Warzone Hacks?
  • Why buy COD Warzone Hacks from Project Kratos ?

    Project-Kratos.io provides different play style COD Warzone Hacks with lowest detection rates. Our COD Warzone Hacks are differentiated into RAGE, LEGIT. All COD Warzone Cheats provided on Project Kratos are selling with the product real name. You can choose the COD Warzone Cheats you want according to your needs.
    Don't waste your money and time on other useless providers
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  • A few simple reasons why we are better than other provider:

    1.  The license key would not start count down immediately after you purchase it. Instead, the countdown timer will only start when you put the license key in the Injector and click Login/Inject/Activate (used it).


    2. We provide a super-detailed injection tutorial / guideline and have included as much as possible on the problem solving (troubleshoot) section where the most customers are likely to make mistakes.


    3. We provide 24-hour after-sales service. You can join our [Discord] -> claim for support ticket and state out your questions or problems. Our server support and community support is came from different time zones, We will help you solve the problem in the shortest possible time, and if needed, remote service will be provided free of charge.


    4. All the products we sell are products that have been on the market for some time(years). Sometimes we will upload some new products and offer to our customers for free to test.


    5. Unlike other providers, all products we sell is selling under the products real names. We will not lie to our customers and selling the products with another name. All the products price we sell will only be lower than the official website, not higher.


    6. Up to 40% discount on all products for our loyalty customers. This means that if you buy from us for a long time, you will be able to buy the product with a super lower price compare to official price. [CLICK TO CHECK MORE]

  • If you are interested in purchasing, how to get start?

    1. First of all, you have need [Register] and [Login] to your account for Project Kratos.
    2. After that go to [Store], choose the products as you need, go through the payment process.
    3. After payment you will able to check your key at [Manage License Keys] and click "View Key" or check it in your mailbox.
    4. Below the license key will included all guideline link, download link and discord invite link. 
    If you have any questions you can join discord directly and claim ticket for support.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  • At Project-Kratos.io, we offer the best COD Warzone Hacks.
    We make sure everything is safe and working properly by stress testing our cheats with every game update.
    Project-Kratos.io has entered the market to provide our customers with the best experience, both in-game and out-of-game services, and we do our best to keep our customers happy and have fun in game match. If you are interested in other game cheats, make sure you check out too our [Apex Legends hacks].


    COD Warzone Aimbot
    Aimbot Feature in product we sell can be classified to Normal Aimbot, SilentAim.
    Normal Aimbot is when you press the aim key button, your aiming cursor point will be aimed / move to the enemy. All Legit Safe product with selling only have normal aimbot because it more humanized and will not be exposed if you act as a pro player.
    SilentAim is also recognize as Bullet Tracking. Even if you are not aiming at the enemy, your bullets will still automatically follow and hit the enemy in your FOV. Normally you can see the bullet curve in the air. Only RAGE products included this type aimbot feature.

    COD Warzone Wallhack
    All our COD Warzone Hacks included ESP features. All our Legit Safe products is streamproof. When the product included ESP streamproof feature, it mean all the overlay draw is not able to record via any software on your pc (bypass all record software eg. OBS). You are able to stream with the product and keep secret to your viewer.
    Most of our COD Warzone ESP features is fully customizable. You are able to adjust the color you like according to your personal preference.

    COD Warzone Item ESP
    Most of our COD Warzone Hacks included Item ESP, also called Loot ESP. When you land, you can immediately get all the nearby loot location, you can get the best loot and equipment you want. This is a deadly combo that makes your gameplay faster than the opponents.

  • Last updated: 06 MARCH 2022
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     LastCheat [R]
     SFC Public [R] WORKING
     R185 WORKING
     SFC Full Private [R] WORKING
     SFC Private [R] WORKING
     KamiKaze [R] WORKING
     LastCheat Lite [R] WORKING


     Avalanche [R] WORKING
     Plan-B Private [R] WORKING




    - -


     Apollo [AP] WORKING
     AcademieGezondheidszorg [AGZ] WORKING


    [COD: Warzone & MW]
     Crooked Arm WORKING
     Dark WORKING


    [COD: ColdWar]
     Crooked Arm WORKING


    [COD: Vanguard]
     Crooked Arm WORKING


     Fiora WORKING
     NightFall WORKING
     2Take1 [R] WORKING
     Stand [R] WORKING


     South [R] WORKING
     0XCheats WORKING
     Fikit Network WORKING




    - -


     CFF BC Spoofer WORKING
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